*You can use your volume buttons to start & reset the timer.*


Volume UP + to Start timer.


Volume DOWN - to reset timer.



What is Clocker? 

Clocker is a utility application that allows you to perform many different types of effects around the theme of time. 


What is the Basic effect?


The Magician mentions to the audience that he/she can do a trick and it will last exactly 1 minute and 7 seconds, precisely. The magician gives the spectator their wrist watch as a way to keep time. They may also use the spectator's apple watch or iPhone clock. 


The Magicians asks the spectator to tell them when the second-hand gets to 12, at that point, they start the trick.


Now the magician can perform their favourite trick. What is impressive is that it lasts exactly 1 minute and 7 seconds. The Magician can even count down the last 5 seconds for the spectator. At no point does the Magician look at the clock. 




Clocker is an application that will indicate to you when the time that you previously set is running out. You will get a vibration in the last 10 seconds, then 5 Seconds, 3 seconds, 2, & 1. 


It is these vibrations that will allow you to accurately tell your audience when the time is over. 


Clocker has been synced to the clock into your iPhone - what does this mean? 


Because of this synchronisation, you can do some pretty cool things! 


What many people don't know is that all digital time from around the world for phones and smart watches is pulled from the same place. 


Because of this, if your iPhone is on auto time and my phone is on auto time then our clocks show the exact same time (being in the same country). What's even more interesting is that you know the little red hand that spins around the clock face on the time app? Bet you just looked! - well, that (if set to auto time) will be the same as mine and everyone else in the world that is set to auto. This is the same on the apple watch as well!


This means that when we start the clocker app we know it will automatically start when someone's iPhone hand or apple watch hand gets to 12. 


Basic set up


When you launch the app you will see 3 sliding bars. 

- Minutes 

- Seconds 

-Delay timer 


Fist decide on the length of time you would like to input. This is down to preference and the type of routine you are doing. The first bar 'Minutes' and will set a number of minutes. If you do not want any minutes set this to '0'. The 'seconds' bar is to input a number of seconds you want. The delay timer is essentially is a number of seconds delayed before the timer begins. This should be set to 0 if using 'Sync iPhone Clock' feature. 


You will also see two other buttons:


-Sync iPhone Clock  

Turn on vibrate to receive the vibrations, and turn on Sync iPhone clock for it to sync with your iPhone. 


To start the app press START. It will start automatically once the iPhone clock gets to 12 (You may want to borrow someone's phone or use an apple watch to test this or use the wrist watch set up described later).  It will end automatically when the timer ends. You can press RESTART at any point to restart the effect. 


Additional set up/ Wristwatch set up.


If you don't own an apple watch and you want to go old school and use your wrist watch don't fear. We have a solution. 

Take your iPhone exit the 'Clocker app' and make sure you can see the apple clock app and the ticking red hand. 


Now take off your watch and wait until the second-hand on your wristwatch gets to 12 and then pull out the pin. Be as accurate as possible. Leave the pin out so the second-hand stays on 12 for now. Go back to your phone, as soon as the red hand get to 12 push the pin back into your watch. Now your wrist watch and phone are synced. 


What is great about doing it this way is that in the spectator's mind their won't be a connection between your wristwatch and your phone. It will feel like a very organic way of performing the effect. 


How to perform.


Launch the app and set it to the desired time and settings. 

Press GO BLANK and put the phone back in your pocket until your ready to perform.  


(Side note - I would advise putting your phone on flight mode. This will prevent any interference from calls, texts, or emails during your performance that might mess you up. It's not necessary. But better safe than sorry I say!) 

When ready to perform pull your phone saying, 

"We'll use my phone to time this" 


Now press the bottom left corner of the screen. This will set the timer, even though the screen is blank the buttons will still work. 


Now you 'change your mind' and put the phone away in your pocket whilst saying... 

"In fact, better idea, let's use my wrist watch" (Feel free to replace the word wrist watch for, your apple watch, or your iPhone).


"When the hand gets to 12 let me know and I'll start..."

When the hand gets to 12 the timer will start automatically. Now all you have to do is be aware of when you feel the first vibration which is when there are only 10 seconds left on the clock. 


Routine Ideas


The Ace sequence 


This is a fun idea - shuffle up a deck and then hand someone your watch. Say to them that you think you can find all 4 aces in under a minute. In fact, you think you can do it in 45 seconds. 


They start timing you. You find the first ace. The second. Cut, cut shuffle. You find the Third. Cut Cut....

"Oh wait, I've messed up. What's the time on the clock?"

Spectator replies "29 seconds"

"Yeah - well I said I messed up. But I want to try something. Did you say 29 seconds right? Please take the deck and count down to the 29th position." 


I'm guessing you can see where the rest of this effect is going but hopefully this will inspire some ideas for card effects. 


Rubick’s cube 


For those of you who are super quick at solving a Rubick’scube - Clocker is the perfect app for you. Let's say that you know you can solve the cube in under 2 minutes (you know, because you don't have a life), with clocker you can give yourself some leeway. Imagine setting the app to time out 2.27 this gives you another 27 seconds to solve the cube to be safe. You can now tell you audience that your personal record is 2.30 - now you'll be able to finish exactly on time. 


Pulse stop. 


Tell your audience that when you were born you were not breathing and had no pulse. You were technically dead for 55 seconds while the doctors tried to resuscitate you. 


Move into your favourite pulse stopping routine and stop your pulse for exactly 55 seconds. Spooky! 


Using Clocker for a birthday trick! 


Imagine you're hired to perform at someone's birthday. Imagine it is the 30th birthday. 

If you set the clocker app to 30 seconds you now have a great piece. You could perform an add a number effect where the numbers add up to the day's date whilst the audience times you. You name the last number on the 30-second mark. You point out this coincidence to the audience, but not only that but the number they generated was also the day's date! A very memorable piece of magic.


Clocker as a show timer.


Clocker in its simplest form can be used to help you time a performance. If you have a 15-minute set - then why not have the app notify you at 12 or 13 minutes, so you know it's time to start wrapping up the performance. 


Forcing the time.


For some effects you will want to make it look like that time that you can perfectly time out mentally was a free choice. 

Here are some options for doing that. 


- Toxic force 

- Add a number pad

- Sven pad 

- Forcing bag 

- Forcing playing cards 

- Life equation (this year will always be 4034 or 4 Minutes and 34 seconds) 


- Watch forces (there are various types of methods with pins being pulled half way out etc... I'm a fan of an effect on the Max Maven DVD 'Nothing' with two watches, I recommend checking it out) 


Whatever you decide on doing make sure it feels fair, natural and congruent to the performance. There are no shortages of forces out there for you to use, so I'm sure you'll find something that works for you. 



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