Double DeckCeption

DD is a combination of App Magic and sleight of hand Magic to create an impossible prediction with a brain twisting kicker ending.


*You will receive App and video instruction.


*You will require an ordinary red and blue deck of cards and the App to perform this awesome effect.


*Minimum sleight of hand required with a lovely move that you will use for other effects.


*Really simple and easy input system with a very clever dodge that made me smile.


*Effect is structured in such a way that it has fooled magicians.


*Any card can be chosen for both participants.


DD is the kind of effect that you have to see it to get impressed. If you watch a demo there is an 80% chance to hit the order now button because of how the effect is structured, the final climax is unexpected and it's the surprise that makes the effect great. 



Script for DD

(Talking to both participants)

This is a little experiment in influence. 

Influence is the process of producing a compelling force on actions, thoughts and even opinions of others. 


Have either of you two ever been influenced before today?  


(To participant on the right)

Red or blue??





You feel like that's a free choice don't you? 


(To participant on the left)

As a result of his/her influence you get the RED/BLUE deck of cards. 


Can you say KEYS, YELLOW, HOUSE? Name the first card that come to your mind now?


3 of Diamonds. 


Okay, I will place it just there on top of the RED box. 


(To participant on the right)

Say BOOK, FIRE, TRAMPOLINE? Name the first card that comes to your mind?


10 of Hearts. 


I'll place that on top of the BLUE box. 


(Talking to both participants)

You both feel like that was a free and fare choice of cards right? I can assure you that they were not. Please go to my reminders App and read what I have written. 


The "Prediction" reads:

I'm going to try a mind experiment on 2 people. I will try to manipulate their choices by influencing the first person to choose the Three of Diamonds from the red deck and the second person to choose the Ten of Hearts from the blue deck.


Thank you for helping, now I'm off to influence my bank manager to give me a million pounds. 


"I honestly think that this App/effect is something very well thought out with moves and dodges that will make you smile when you see it. When Salah showed me this effect a few years ago, I had to rewind the demo a few times because I was fooled so badly. I have honestly begged Salah every few months since then to release it and he has finally buckled under my pressure. You guys are in for a treat." - Myke Phillips






Does this require an accomplice? 

  • No accomplice is required for this effect at all.


Does this use voice recognition? 

  • No voice recognition involved, the cards can be chosen without saying a word.


Do you need to be seated? 

  • The effect can be performed seated or standing. Because of how the effect is structured a table is needed but you can choreograph it to be performed standing up with no table. 


Could future iOS updates make this unusable? 

  • Future updates will not have any impact on this application. 


Do you need internet connection?

  • No internet connection needed. 


Do you need Bluetooth connection?

  • No Bluetooth required.


When will DD be available to download?

  • DD is just having a new feature added today 21/11/2016 to make it even more deceptive so we are hoping for a January 2017 release but I will keep you all updated.


Is there a video demo?

  • We have an old demo but the quality is not so good so we are making a new one as soon as possible.


Do I need to have playing cards to perform this effect?

  • The good thing about DD is that even if you don't carry 2 two decks of cards on you, you will still be able to perform an amazing prediction effect in such a clean way.


Can I change the DD routine to suit me?

  • Absolutely, the great thing about DD is that you do not need to stick to just cards in the predictions, you can predict anything you want because you can change the cards to anything in the settings. For example, you can change the card suits to colour of hair and the values to objects, add a force in there and you can have an amazing prediction.


Can I change the prediction to suit my performances?

  • Yes, you can change the default prediction to as long or short as you like. 


Can I perform DD in my own language?

  • Yes, you can create your prediction in any language you desire, simply delete the template and type it out in your own language.


Do I need to touch my Phone in the routine?

  • You will need to input the selections but you can also have the participant unknowingly do that for you.


How difficult is DD to perform?

  • DD is super simple to perform, the input method is idiot proof and the sleight required is very clever and the most basic  you can imagine. 


Is there a support group for DD?

  • As with all our APPS, there is a facebook group where you can discuss anything regarding DD.




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