IOS 9 only




Passcode Blocker: Block a spectators passcode and Touch ID from unlocking their iPhone.



















Home Button Blocker:  Block a spectators iPhone home button. Great for iUnlockYourMind. 



















iBlow:  A nice visual with a spectators iPhone where their screensaver image is blurred, you blow on it and it becomes in-blurred. (No screen shots, it really is their screensaver)



















Awesome  just watched it .!!!! Superb

Rob Harper


That's cool dude!!....freaking nuts!!!

Ravi Mayar 


how do you came up with that!?

Pablo Amira


watched the videos...fantastic....how the hell did you figure those bugs out? lol

Jonathan Strudwick


PASSCODE BLOCKER!! Love it sir!!!! 

Mike Paldino


it is f****** awesome, thanks myke

James Hawker


Watched it this morning... utter genius JamesBrown


That is very clever myke. I love the passcode blocker!

Pete J Wright 


Myke Phillips has 3 new effects out using the iPHONE, and they are in an iBUNDLE, which are

Password Blocker 
Home Button Blocker 

What are they, and what do they do?

I will start with iBLOW.

This is a neat little effect to learn in which you can borrow a spectators phone, and they see their background blurry, then you just blow on it, and it becomes clear.

Method is super simple, and you will be using this as a lead in to something else. Myke goes over everything you need to know to be able to perform this.

Effect 2

Home Button Blocker

This is a sneaky way to block someone Home Button on their IPHONE.

You can use this in conjunction with IUNLOCKYOURMIND if you have it, or it can be done as a stand alone effect as well.

Once again, everything is clearly explained.

Effect 3

The effect everyone has been waiting for: Password Blocker.

You can block someones passcode on their IPHONE, read that again, and when they type it in to unblock it, they will not be able to do it.

Worker, worker, worker.

I have already done it 3 times since learning it, and it gets amazing responses.

The thing I like about it is that you can use any presentation you want.....magic, mentalism, hypnosis, you name it.

Once you purchase, you will be added to a Facebook group called IBUNDLE where users will share their ideas and presentations, people like Michael Murray, Ben Blau, Jakob Smith, to name a few.

This is a worthy release from Myke, since I know he must be working on his other book, and hopefully these will also be included in there, but for those people that want to learn these now, you can.

Great video instruction from Myke as always, well thought out, and well structured.

Recommended to have in your arsenal, that you can do anytime anywhere, since most people nowadays have an IPHONE.

Thanks Myke

Alex Alejandro

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