iUnlock Elite


iUnlock Elite WebApp is the new version of the famous iUnlockYourMind Magic Application for Professional Magicians.



Choice of lock modes. 4 or 6 digit  (Password screen to follow).

Set unlock codes.

Delete to unlock.


Set unlock code as force code.

Screen touch unlock.

Unlock at attempt.

Timer unlock.

Peek type.

Peek on Home Screen.

Peek on Telegram.

Peek on PeekSmith.

Peek in Status Bar.

Ghost unlocking Effect.

Set ghost unlocking code.

Zodiac Effect.

Stack Decks.

Wrong Passcode entered screen.

Set time wait for wrong passcode.

Link to Passcode Checker for unlocking effects.

Set custom URL button (After spectator unlock phone, tap on safari to go to chosen URL).

Set Time & Date formats.

Unlock animation ON or OFF.

Choose 4 or 6 digit passcode screen on the fly.

Launch straight into performance mode.



You can now customise all your screen buttons and labels.



Button colours.

Set background images.

Set iPhone Model.

iUnlock Elite Pre