Give your cards to a magician and ask him to shuffle, and then to select any one card while your back is turned. The magician shuffles, takes out a card, and looks at it. He places the card back into the deck. While still facing the other way, you then ask him to shuffle and to cut the cards as much as he likes.


When you take back the cards, you go through them, and up-jog one card. You place it onto the table. Now ask the magician to name his card. He does. You tell him to turn over the card. It is his card.


When you perform this effect "for magicians" the reactions will always be mixed. The most common reaction is: “How the hell is that possible?” Some will just acknowledge that it is a good trick. Let’s face it, as magicians we don’t like to admit we have been fooled. Those that did not react at the time will come back to you weeks later and say, “You know that trick you showed me? Well, it’s been driving me mad ever since. Can you show me again?” My advice... don’t do it.

This has happened once, and it's still driving him mad. The thing is, they’re just looking for the method, so let them stew.


*It’s not a stacked deck.
*There are no crimps or breaks.
*No double sticky tape or bodily fluids.
*There is absolutely no peeking.
*No markings on the cards.
*Yes, they really do shuffle at the beginning.
*They cut and shuffle the cards after the selection has been made.

*You don’t have to be in the room, until it’s time for you to find their card.



This effect is for fooling your magician friends and, trust me, it will. This will appeal to the regular visitor of their local magic club. I also KNOW the method is something you might want to consider using in your professional performance for lay people as well.


Like I said, this is a no patter, straight to the point, impossible card location. You could, as I do, use this method for so many other effects.

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