Basic Routine. 

The Magician borrows objects from the table where he or she is sitting. The objects are lined up into a row. The Magician pulls out their phone and says that they will take a photo of one of the objects. This is the magician's prediction. 
The spectator is asked to select an object freely with no force. The object they select is the last photo in the magician's REAL camera roll. 

Getting Set up.

​When you first open PhotoOut you will notice that the screen is red. Don't worry, follow the instructions below and soon your app will be looking the way it's meant to! 


1- Tap the top LEFT icon​

2- Tap the top RIGHT of the screen. There is an invisible button. Once this is tapped exit and quit the app. 


3 - Go back into the app and the Photo Out camera Should look similar to the apple camera. (see image below)


Quick Start Guide

1- Take a photo from 1 up to 9 objects

2- Tap the top-right icon to go to a blank screen

(The blank screen is divided into a 3x3 grid)



Tap in the top left for image 1


Tap in the top middle for image  2


Tap in the top right for image 3


Tap in the middle left for image 4


Tap in the centre for image 5


Tap in the middle right for image 6


Tap in the bottom left for image 7


Tap in the bottom middle for image 8


Tap in the bottom right for image 9

4- Close PhotoOut App & go to your photo album

Show a photo of the object chosen and that it is the only photo out of all the objects on the table.

Going into more detail.

Below we have listed where and what all the different buttons are on the app. 
We will then go into more detail into each of them. 

Practice Mode
False sleep mode
Front/Back camera switch
Will be used for updates


Your settings are protected by your face ID. This makes sure that no one can access them accidentally or change them. 
In the settings, you will be able to add your background image this is the image that people will see after you have inputted the image and the app shows a fake lock screen.  


Custom Library


In the settings, you will also get access to your custom library. This is simple to use. Open the custom library, then tap on one of the cameras. You will now see you have the option to load in a picture from your camera roll or use the camera. You do not need to use all 9 photos for your custom library. It is custom to you ;) 
To perform with your custom library, just open the app as normal then simply tap the top right-hand icon to put it into fake sleep mode. It's done, your custom library is being used

Practice Mode

Practice mode is good to use when you first get the app. But we recommend having it off when performing. You'll know when it's on as the icon will turn yellow. 
When it is on the photos will appear down the left-hand side of the screen (see image below).  
Even off practice mode, you will see the photos appear in the bottom left-hand corner, at any point you can tap the picture and it will delete it. 


Facebook Group 

We hope you enjoy PhotoOut. For more routine ideas come join our facebook and connect with others who are using the app.