iUnlock Android Version

iUnlock Android Version is a new magic effect from Myke Philiips, Salah Azzadine

Developed by Badasha Khan & Miguel Cruz. 


We have built all new 5 Lock Screens:

2 Passcode Lock Screens 4/6 digits

Password Lock Screen 

Pattern Lock Screen Small/Big

Imagine this, give your phone to a spectator, tell them to try and unlock your phone. They can't! Without ever touching your iPhone, you are able to really convince them that you can "Mentally" send them the correct Passcode, unlocking your phone. Amazing? You will also be able to gain extra information Whilst performing and reveal it right then, or on a later date. It will make you look like a real mind reader.

Do you want to know the secret? Everything is explained in the app in detail, with 4 very strong professional routines that will blow your spectators minds. Four well thought out professionally scripted routines included (Mind reading / Hypnosis / Magic / Psychic), each routine is worth the price of the app.

*This is just one of many possibilities you can perform with the "iUnlockYourMind" App. 

"This is an excellent app - bear in mind, I HATE MAGIC APPS! This one however I use.... Lots - both for preshow work and during performance. A brilliant job!" 
- James Brown 

"This is as clean and imperceptible as anybody could hope for in an app of this kind and could possibly be the best mind-reading app ever. If mind-control were real, I believe that it would look like this." 
- Daniel Madison 

"No joke, it's the best phone magic app that's been created hands down! I've seen em all" 
- Alex Ward 

"The peek method is outstanding and this should be a go to tool in any magicians arsenal." 
- Alan Rorrison 

It's unreeeeeal! Absolutely love it!! 
I can't remember being this badly floored in........ Practical, Contemporary, Ingenious... 
If I didn't have one, I would buy an iPhone just for this trick..." 
- Fergus Flanagan 

Key Points: 

* Your phone can be examined before and after the effect, there is nothing to find. 

* They can try as many different codes as they like, it will only unlock, when you want it to. 

* Whenever they want to start the trick, That's when the trick begins. 

* No assistants or extra phone needed. 

* No wireless transmission. 

* Very easy to learn, no memorization needed, perform straight away. 

* 4 professional baffling routines. 

*Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, you will use "iUnlockYourMind" all the time. 

*This can be performed one on one, or even to the biggest crowds on the biggest stages. 

*it can be used as a pre-show tool. 

*Not just another magic application, but a Mind Readers utility device. 

*Imagine, that in the process of performing an awesome phone trick, you are able to gain extra information and reveal it right then, or on a later date. 

*This can replace your Peek Wallet or Impression Device. 

*Take credit for being an incredible mind reader.


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iUnlock Android Version

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